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4 May 2018

Neil Gaiman on Oink...

As a follow-up to the presentation that Mark Rodgers had done to the SSI (and that featured in the July 1987 issue of the SSI newsletter) here are 2 'letters of comment' (as they used to be called) from the August 1987 issue of the SSI newsletter.

Here's the first letter from, of all people, Neil Gaiman...

And here's John Richardson's thoughts on Oink, safe to say he doesn't sound like a fan...  


  1. The letter at the bottom there just shows trolls (he reminds me of one certain online troll) have always been about long before the internet took hold, it just took slightly more effort.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful letter from Neil and for Mark’s interview that you shared the other day. I’m away this weekend but I’d love to show these on The Oink! Blog when I get back if that’s okay? As I’ve said in our DMs I’ll give full credit and links back here of course so people can follow you directly for future instalments! But only with your permission obviously. Phil

  2. Sigh. I see that “Troll Wars” continues. Worthy of a being strip in Oink in its own right. One side says the UK comics is thriving, the other says it is failing. As usual the truth is between the two - a wonderful diverse range of titles now delivered in both printed and digital formats but with fewer sales and readers than there used to be. Quality is still a mixed bag, just as it always has been.