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19 December 2019

Scouse Mouse comics - an incomplete guide

One of the first comics I ever blogged about was 'Ace' or 'Scouse Mouse presents Ace!' comic to give it it's full title.

I'm still not clear on the chronology of this comic but I know that the last issue was April 1989 (see the Werewolf cover, below). The first 3 images were from an ebay lot that I didn't win and copyright dates are sadly missing from them...

Scouse Mouse presents Ace! comic, issue 1

Scouse Mouse presents Ace! comic, issue 2

Scouse Mouse presents Ace! comic, issue 3

Based on the image from the image on the back of issue 3 (above) we know that the title was then re-named 'Scouse Mouse and the scallywags' came's the only example I have of that title

...but somehow it ends up as just being Scouse Mouse by the time it merges into Whizzer & Chips (on 15th April 1989 - the Scouse Mouse logo was dropped from the masthead after precisely 4 weeks, apparently) - so maybe the December date on the above comic means it's from 1988. Again, copyright dates are missing from these comics.

George Nicholas also worked on the Budgie Malone comic - which I looked at herehere and here as well as Were Bears comic (here). All 3 titles are hard to collect - so good luck in your collecting.


  1. Whizzer & Chips’ almost universally overlooked merger with Scouse Mouse was actually 15/4/89. SM’s logo was dropped after precisely four appearances, so you were partly right in citing May. I doubt anyone noticed the difference.

    1. Thanks so much for getting in touch. I have a few issues of W&C from that time but am not sure how long Scouse Mouse ran for in W&C. If you can help in any way please send an email to me via rsheaf2001ATyahoo (replacing AT with @ ). Thanks again so much.