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18 December 2019

Powerman #11 - Dave Gibbons, Eric Bradbury & Carlos Ezquerra

I've looked at Powerman before (here) and I've tried to gather together all the images I can find of this rare Nigerian comic by Brian Bolland & Dave Gibbons. I recently acquired a small collection of Powerman comics so I'll be bringing highlights from those comics in the coming weeks ...

Previously we've looked at...
a). issue 5 is here
b). issue 6 is here
c). issue 7 is here
d). issue 8 is here
e). issue 9 is here
f). issue 10 is here
g). issue 16 is here
h). issue 18 is here
And there's a Brian Bolland interviw (here) - from Arkensword fanzine 13/14 - and artist Ron Tiner speaks about his time on Powerman here

And here's the highlights from issue 11...

Powerman by Dave Gibbons - a 16 page strip

The black star by Eric Bradbury - a 9 page strip

War story by Carlos Ezquerra - a 5 page strip

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! Thanks for all your work preserving the "history" of Nigeria's own "Powerman". Really great to know that the I.S.A kids aren't the only Nigerian heroes in our lexicon!