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30 June 2020

Phantom 2040 (Phoenix press)

A rare departure for me today as I highlight a US comic series...The reason? Well a while ago I looked at the Iznogoud comic series (here) and realised that I didn't know much about the publisher Phoenix Press. Some quick googling brings up the title Phantom 2040. Its wikipedia entry (here) gives details of the series. There was a 4-issue series produced May-July 1995, covers below...

These covers look like they'd been used for the Phoenix Press issues (below) - they're undated (but the copyright date is for 1996) but here's the cover to issue 1...
Phantom 2040, Issue 1, Phoenix Press Ltd 

Phantom 2040, Issue 2, Phoenix Press Ltd 

Phantom 2040, Issue 3, Phoenix Press Ltd 

The Phantom wiki page (here) notes that the US 4-issue series became a 3-issue series here in the UK. One and a half stories were squeezed into UK issues 1 & 2 and the 4th story was reprinted in issue 3.

Phoenix press also produced a "VR Troopers - 3D" comic - but that's a post for another day but I wonder if they produced any other titles - let me know if you come across anything else.

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