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16 June 2020

Walkden Fisher art for sale (1)

Over on that ebay there are a number of pieces for original art for sale by original Eagle artist Walkden Fisher. 

Fisher worked as a cutaway artist in Eagle, as a modelmaker for the Dan Dare strip and as a contributor to Eagle - for instance a 12-part series on 'Running a model railway' (08/09/20-24/11/50) - to the Eagle annuals (#3) and the spin-off books (Trains, Modern Wonders, Hobbies). His distinctive signature in the shape of a fish is instantly recognisable.

The art that is currently on offer seems to pre-date his work on Eagle being more 'naive' and without his trademark signature. I'm going to snaffle all the images from the seller and post them up on the blog in the coming weeks (so even if the items sell I'll have a record of these example of Fisher's art).

These images are for sale here

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