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17 August 2020

Amalgamated Press - social clubs

An intriguing item spotted on eBay the other day...I spotted this first because I live near the town mentioned on this single sheet advert...
...however on closer inspection this became even more interesting. I spotted that the first line of the advert says "Amalgamated Press A. & S.C." - which I take to be the Amalgamated Press athletic & social club

The second line saying 'football section' is presumably a sub-set of the athletic and social club. 

The third line saying 'printing works' is presumably a sub-set of the football section. 

So that sounds like a few football teams in the football section and that was just one section of the overall athletic & social club. So it was a small fish in a big sporting pond and I guess the reason why is that at this time Amalgamated Press (AP) was freakin' enormous!

The best entry I can find about the size of the AP is here - the volume of newspapers and magazines that AP were producing at their peak seems mind-boggling now and definitely explains why they'd have a whole lot of clubs & societies.

And I'm guessing that one of these ended up morphing into the Fleetway printers sports social club, see (lapel) badge below

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  1. What a fabulous piece of digging Richard I take my hat off to you young man!! Brilliant, with a number of links to follow to take me down the rat hole only to surface who knows when!!! :)