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20 August 2021

Best of Misty Monthly - part 3 (of 4)

A quick look at 1986's The best of Misty monthly. I'll list out the stories re-printed in each issue and, where I can identify them, the artist involved.

The best of Misty monthly issue 5 (printed by IPC) - June 1986
The final piece
Titch's tale..., art by John Richardson
Hangman's alley, art by Jesus Redondo
The family
Screaming point!art by Jesus Redondo
It's a dog's life

The best of Misty monthly issue 6 (printed by IPC) - July 1986
Safe until morning
Curse of the condor
House of horror
Last encounters
The day the sky grew dark, art by Romero
House of faith...
Danse macabre
Reflections, art by John Armstrong

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