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8 August 2021

UPDATED: Fun and Games comic

This is not to be confused with Tesco fun 'n games (which I looked at here and here) but instead is a comic I know very little about. The comic is described thus by Comics International...New two-in-one comic: Fun reprints Fleetway's Frankiestein, Sweeny Toddler etc. Games is a 24 page cover-mounted supplement, 99p

This is the only image I can find of it online.

Cover art clearly by Tom Paterson. It's published by Nexus Media.

The first mention of Fun and Games in Comics International #79 (March 1997) where issues 3&4 are highlighted. The last mention in Comics International #93 - where issues 29 & 30 are highlighted. There may have been further issues but Comics International never mentions Fun and Games again.

I've now acquired some more images...
Issue 1 with free gift
You can just about see (on the bottom left hand side) the wrap-around (cover-mounted) 'games' section. So, even if 'games' gets detached from the comic you'd still have the 'fun' section left looking like a regular comic.

Ah, here's a Claws reprint...

...and more Tom Paterson art on the back page.
The bottom half of Tom Paterson's art is obscured by the cover-mounted, wraparound 'games' section.

Lew Stringer has look at Fun and games on his blog here

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