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29 January 2022

Catawiki original comic art auction - ends Thur 3 Feb 2022

An absolutely  bumper week for British comic art highlights c/o of the latest Catawiki auction of (British) comic art so let's crack on...

From the pen of Don Lawrence comes this page from the Trigan Empire story 'The Imposter' (1971)

This page by Edward Kearon showing 'Robot Archie and the mole men' (1964)

A Bill Lacey page from 'Eagles over the Western front'

A Jesus Blasco 'Steel Claw' page from Valiant 24th May 1967

This Bill Mevin page 'The Herbs' from Pippin (issue 314)

This Glenn Fabry 'Preacher' sketch

This Reg Parlett page from 'Billy Bunter' (1971)

This Sydney Jordan 'Jeff Hawke' strip from 1973

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