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14 January 2022

Political Cartoon Society newsletters - part 1

Having looked here at my collection of the Cartoon Museum newsletters I thought I'd follow that up with a look at something similar from the Political Cartoon Society. I was a member of the society from 2001-7 and I'll be looking at the newsletters they issued in that time, the newsletters may continue to this day who knows?

Political Cartoon Society newsletter Winter 2001
A letter in this refers to "...the first two issues of the our newsletter" - making me think that the newsletter began with a Summer 2001 edition or perhaps a Spring 2001 edition. As we go along you'll see that there are 3 or 4 issues a year so it's hard to know precisely when the newsletter would have been printed in 2001. I'm pretty confident we can rule out it starting in 2000.
Interview with Dave Brown & article on Dr Seuss, 8 pages A4

Political Cartoon Society newsletter Spring 2002
8 pages, A4 pages
Interview with John Jensen; exhibition reviews

Political Cartoon Society newsletter Summer 2002
8 pages, A4 pages
Les Gibbard interview

Political Cartoon Society newsletter Autumn 2002
8 pages, A4 pages
Kieth Waite interview
Bruce Bairnsfather as political caricaturist

Political Cartoon Society newsletter Winter 2002
8 pages, A4 pages
Bernard Cookson interview

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