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8 February 2022

Tony Weare writes

A recent ebay spot (here) of a couple of letters from Tony Weare (wikipedia entry is here), one of the greatest exponents of black & white comic artwork that this country has ever produced, are a glimpse of life as a jobbing artist in the post-war period. 

Beautifully illustrated here they are...

To the best of my ability the letter says...

Dear Pistol, thanks for your letter your news of being confirmed in a post is a trifle disconcerting, I had suspected that you might at some time might find yourself in a dungeon but the other possibility had escaped me.

I have nothing to report to you yet, although I suspect my new studio may turn out to be either at Baker Street or Holland Park. When I am definite about an address I will write and tell you.

At the moment i am at my mothers house busily learning by the hard method how to draw again.

My demob suit was too small so I sold it, my demob suit too large, so I sold that also - I advise you to do the same.

Give my love to everyone and watch out for yourself on those perilous latrine steps these dark nights


The 2nd letter is here...

My transcription of the letter is as follows...

My darling Pistol, 
I seem to have missed the boat rather badly because I was in London all last week (that is to say from Tuesday until Friday) and although I have not the foggiest idea of the date I suppose you were also there during that time. Was the hotel strike on?

I am coming to London for the day only on this coming Tuesday but I must catch an early train back (about 6:30) - providing that you get the letter on time perhaps you could meet me about one oclock by the Holborn underground, at the Kingsway entrance. I will attempt to be there from 12.45 to 1.15 but after that shall assume you are not coming. This seems perhaps our only chance of meeting for a bit because I have decided to live in Bournemouth for a bit because London is too expensive. I have had great luck with a series of drawings I have made, practically everyone in London who I have taken them to is interested in them, so much so that I have refused to sell them as a set. I will have these drawings with me on Tuesday if you would care to see them.

I suggest that if you will be wearing ______ clothes that you have a red rose in your buttonhole the selection of clothes sounds so delightfully exotic that I shall mistake you for a rainbow.

I hope you get this letter in time

Love to you

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