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4 April 2022

The Kirknewton story - Ian kennedy, Colin Maxwell & many others

Details of how to obtain a copy of The Kirknewton story (for those of us not living in Kirknewton!) have now been released. Details are as follows...

From pencils to finished cover
The late Ian Kennedy drew our cover before he died at the age of 89. Here is his pencils, art and the final cover.
The Kirknewton Story will be delivered FREE to every household in Kirknewton.

56 pages, 41 page comic featuring 26 creators, 8 page comic by Kirknewton Primary School.

Written by Colin Maxwell and cover by Ian Kennedy. Artists includes Gustaffo Vargas, Ade Hughes, Jim Wilkes, Bruno Stahl, Staz Johnson, Andrew Sawyer, Rachel Ball, Kev Sutherland, Tanya Roberts, Gary Burley, Russell M Olson, Steve White, Kenneth Stewart Moore, Steve Ingram, Neil Slorance, Sarah Millman, Monty Nero, Martin Baines, Gary Erskine, Lew Stringer, Steve McGarry, Tony Foster, Calum Laird and Rob Jones.

If you want extra copies email with your name and address and you will be sent bank details to pay.
£10 - the 56 page comic posted
£20 - comic and cover print poster
£25 - international posted
Pre-order now and available May 4th.
Features Dr Cullen, Dalmahoy, Rev Bryce, Waterloo Tower, Burke and Hare, Ormiston House, Oakbank Disaster, the Gala, Kirknewton military history, ghosts, aliens, school bombs, plagues, the JFK connection, Joe Biden, Charles Jencks stones and more….

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