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6 October 2022

Latest Catawiki auction now open for bids

Bidding ends tonight on these lots - good luck if you're bidding!

The latest Catawiki auction is now open for bidding (with the auction closing, as ever, on Thursday evening) and I've picked out my British comic art highlights...

This is an Edward Kearon Robot Archie page from the 1967 Lion story Archie and the mystery of the giant bats

This is a Thunderbirds page from Thunderbirds Extra 2 - Catawiki have credited it to "Thunderbirds studio" but to me the art looks like it's by Mike Noble. 

This is from a Modesty Blaise strip ("The ballonatic", 1982) by Neville Colvin

This is a Modesty Blaise strip by Romero 
This is an Axa strip by Romero 

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