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23 February 2023

How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future - Cartoon Museum

Just a reminder that this talk is this evening (and this book is published today)...note that the talk is now sold out.

Thursday 23rd February sees Michael Molcher, in conjunction with The Art Fund (and broadcaster Ian Dunt), talking about his new book at the Cartoon Museum. Tickets are £15 and include a free copy of the book. Tickets can be booked here - and here's what they have to say about the talk...

Did Judge Dredd predict our modern world? Almost three years since protests erupted worldwide over the murder of George Floyd in the US, in the shadow of the ‘Kill The Bill’ movement in the UK, and with Western democracies threatened by authoritarians and anti-democratic riots, new non-fiction book I Am The Law: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future examines how a British comic book from the 1970s warned about the endgame of ‘tough on crime’ politics.
Author Michael Molcher will be interviewed by political commentator and author Ian Dunt about how Judge Dredd represents the intersection of comics, politics and history, what an extreme lawman from the future can teach us about policing today, and how comics provided a unique warning about how ‘law and order’ politics would remake our world: from ‘zero tolerance’ policing to the rise of the surveillance state, from the hollowing out of democracy to the power over life and death itself.
Published in paperback by Rebellion, I Am The Law: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future is out on 23 February.


  1. I'd love to know if the talk is going to be recorded for a podcast. Perhaps the thrillcast?