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14 October 2023

UPDATED: Robin comic merchandise - an incomplete visual guide

Robin comic was one of the companion titles to the original Eagle comic (along with Girl and Swift) - Robin was aimed at the youngest demographic of the 4 titles. I don't collect Robin material but I thought I should try and record what sort of spin-off ephemera, games etc. exist for Robin.

The main problem with this is that is you google "Robin comic merchandise" you get an awful lot of stuff relating to Batman's young assistant, grrr.

Spin-off books are here
The 1st birthday book is here
The 2nd birthday book is here
The 3rd birthday book is here
The 4th birthday book is here
The 5th birthday book is here
The 10th birthday book is here
The 13th birthday book is here

New additions are highlighted in red

A card welcoming a new member to the Robin club

A letter welcoming a new member to the Robin club

The Robin book of pets
sold by COMPAL at lot 89 in there Summer 2012 (British section) and described thus Robin (1953) 1 13-16 39 Robin Metal Club badge Swift Club badge 2 Robin Birthday Club Cards Robin Birthday Postcard Odeon Film Club postcard. With Boy's World (1963) Vol 1: No 5 and free gift Olympic Medal Ranger 18 June 1966 Victor Summer Special (1968) and Robin 1 (1986) Robin 1 (1953) [fn-] balance [vg/fn] (17) Winning bid incl. 10% Buyer's Premium: £134. No idea what the Robin book of pets is. 

This image is taken from here
and looks a lot like a simpler version of the Swift birthday books that I covered here

Robin birthday postcard (front and back)...  

...including nice Swift 'stamp' - Swift had launched on 20th March 1954 and this was sent on 20th July 1954 - so exactly 4 months later. 

In the tradition of Eagle / Girl / Swift there were spin-off jigsaws, here's one that I've found so far...

And here's a money box...

I'm sure there must be more stuff out there - can you help?

I've been pointed in the direction of the 'Dan Dare info' website (here) for some rare Robin merchandise - so here are 5 cards (presumably of set of 6)…

Number 1 - Richard Lion, Peggy, Henry and Pug

Number 2 - Dumpy, Golly and Honeybun

Number 3 - Woppit, Mokey and Tiptop 

Number 4 - Johnny Bull, Woppit, Mokey, Tiptop and Bingo, Bango and Bongo

Number 5 - Johnny Bull, Woppit, Mokey, Tiptop and Bingo, Bango and Bongo

Phil Shrimpton was also kind enough to share some picture of Robin items he's sold on ebay…

Not sure if this is the 6th book they produced or a book for a child's birthday - anyway, it's good to know it I just need ot find book 4 and 5 and add them in

There was a Robin club (just as there was an Eagle club, a Girl club and a Swift club), in the Eagle club if you were a member for more than a year you got a star to dangle from the hoop on the badge, presumably this was true of Robin as well (even if the symbol may not have been a star)

Not really merchandise but for the die-hard Robin collector out there...

Further images c/o friend of the blog Jeremy's a Robin club badge with a leaf (I think) denoting that the member has re-subscribed to the club...

Jigsaw #3 'At the zoo', now I just need to find images on jigsaw numbers 1, 2 and 4

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