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12 November 2023

Aces Weekly - LFCC 2013

As I'm off to London comic con today I thought I'd highlight this Aces Weekly ashcan comic from 2013 - which, as you'll see from the cover, was an LFCC 2013 exclusive. 16 pages in total, A5 sized. Good luck tracking one of these down.

Cover is by David Hitchcock, interior art is contributed by David Lloyd, David Hitchcock, Ben Dickson, Gavin Mitchell, Bambos Georgiou, Mychailo Kazybird, Yishan Li, Shaky Kane, David Hine, Steve Marchant, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Stephen Baskerville, Martin Griffiths, John Kaine, Kev Hopgood, Ferg Handley, Chris Geary.

My copy is signed by David Lloyd, Stephen Baskerville and Bambos Georgiou

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