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28 November 2023

Frank Hampson & the Calouste Gulbenkian gallery

I spotted this poster for sale online recently and it piqued my interest for lots of reasons, but mainly because I'd not come across this exhibition before. It wasn't on for very long, and I'm not even sure what year it was on but it does feature Pip Warwick's Mekon sculpture - see post here

I'd be delighted to find out more about this exhibition so if you can help do get in touch, thanks!
UPDATE: Friend of the blog Steve Winders has shared his recollections in an attempt to help me date the exhibition. Thanks, as ever, to Steve...

Regarding your post about the Exhibition in Newcastle, this message unfortunately cannot give you any helpful information, but I was contacted by an old schoolfriend who knew I was an Eagle fan shortly before the exhibition began. He was trying to track down original Eagle artwork, but I couldn't help him. I suggested they contact Frank Hampson, who was still alive then, but he suggested they had already done so, but Frank hadn't been able to give much help. I'm not sure that he actually had much of his artwork then. I was surprised to be contacted as this was in the very early days of fandom not long after Eaglecon 80 and I'd only written a couple of articles for Eagle fanzines and these were about the Harris Tweed Appreciation Society. I was also surprised to be contacted by my old schoolfriend, as I hadn't seen him for about nine years and I was living in Wales by then. I never found out any more about the Exhibition, although I knew that Pip Warwick was involved and we had seen his ceramic Mekon at Eaglecon '80.

It was probably 1980 or 81. It was definitely before 1983 as we moved back to the north then and I recall we hadn't been in Wales long when he rang. (We moved there in 1979). I just looked my old friend up on Facebook, but there are hundreds of Dave McGraths and none identify Newcastle in their basic info. Of course he could have moved on by then. The title of the Exhibition is rather odd (in referring to drawings).

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