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24 January 2024

UPDATED: Biker mice from Mars - from Marvel UK

Biker Mice from Mars was a short-lived title from Marvel UK - only 7 issues were produced and it's proving a hard title to collect! When I was looking for cover scans there seemed to be more from the German version of the comic than the British!

More details when I get them - the Wikipedia page about the cartoon TV show that the comics were based on is here

Updates in red

Issue 1 - cover dated 17th Feb 1995

Issue 2 - cover dated 3rd March 1995

Issue 3 - cover dated 17th March 1995

Issue 4 - cover dated 31st March 1995

Issue 5 - cover dated 14th April 1995

Issue 6 - cover dated 28th April 1995

Issue 7 - cover dated 12th May 1995

From the 3 issue I have (1, 2 and 5) Dan Abnett appears to have been the main writer, David Leach has mainly done the colouring, some pencils by Lee Sullivan.  

Comments on who worked on what...
and now we know that there was an Easter special as well, priced at £1.95

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