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23 October 2016

Hermann (4)

The last Hermann volume I have is quite a different beast.

Published by SAF comics (in Slovenia) in January 2004.

This is a 3 volume series, but SAF comics only published translations of volume 1 (shown here) and volume 2 (Good night, Nick!).

Contents are as follows:
  • 1. Strange Captain Bang (8 pages)
  • 2. A Very Mysterious Island (8 pages)
  • 3. In the Memory of Little Nemo (9 pages)
  • 4. Moby Dick and the Great Cacha (8 pages)
  • 5. Captain Bang's Zoo (8 pages)

  • These stories are much more gentle, much more whimsical then Hermann's usual work. Winsor McCay's seminal Little Nemo in Slumberland is a clear influence on these slight but fun stories.

    Front and back (wraparound) cover

    More details, as ever, here

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