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12 October 2016

Blake & Mortimer - the first publications

Since we've looked at Alix I thought it might be interesting to show my (partial) collection of Blake & Mortimer reprints.

In recent years Cinebook ( have been working their way through numerous continental comic strip adaptations. The series I've enjoyed most if that of Blake & Mortimer by (initially) Edgar P. Jacobs. You can find plenty more about the series here

The main protagonists of the adventures are Philip Mortimer, a leading British scientist, and his friend Captain Francis Blake of MI5. The main antagonist is their sworn enemy, Colonel Olrik, who has appeared in almost every book. Their confrontations take them into the realms of detective investigation and science-fiction, dealing with such themes as time travel, Atlantis and espionage.

Jacobs worked for Hergé (more details here and his style is therefore very recognisable who has been brought up on the Tintin albums

Cinebook have now published 23 B&M titles but they weren't the first to publish B&M books - in the late 1980s 6 volumes were published by "Blake and Mortimer editions - Brussels".

Here's the cover to volume 4 (volume 2 in the Cinebook series) from June 1987. The book is slightly bigger than the Cinebook volume but is otherwise identical.

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