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4 September 2019

Warhammer monthly compendiums - part 2

I've previously looked at Warhammer monthly comics here and here and here  without ever looking too much (yet!) at the various trade paperback collections that were published. Trust me, there's plenty of blog postings about those collections yet to come.

After the initial run of those collections in the early 2000s there was another run of reprints, this run were smaller in size (they're typically a bit larger than a traditional paperback book) and often featured complete reprints of strips (that previously had been serialised across 1 / 2 / 3 trade paperbacks).

The early trade paperbacks are a hard series to collect (partly because there are lots of titles) but these paperback compendiums seem even harder to collect. Anyway, I thought I'd start by just trying to see what is out there to collect.

So here's part two of my guide to collecting Warhammer paperbacks from 2004-6...  

Part one is here 

Kal Jerico - underhive bounty hunter (2006, paperback, ISBN 184416-2540)

Titan (2004, paperback, ISBN 184416-1234)

The call of chaos (2005, paperback ISBN 184416-1447)

Darkblade - Reign of blood (2005, paperback, ISBN 184416-2060)

Hellbrandt Grimm (2005, paperback, ISBN 184416-2079)

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