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16 September 2019

War Story by Carlos Ezquerra (from Powerman issue 11)

My interest (obsession?) with all things Powerman continues...I've looked at Powerman before (here) and I've tried to gather together all the images I can find of this rare Nigerian comic by Brian Bolland & Dave Gibbons. Some more images recently became available (thanks ebay!) so I swiped them for posterity and they can be found as follows...

a). issue 18 is here
b). issue 16 is here
c). issue 10 is here
d). issue 9 is here
e). issue 8 is here
f). issue 7 is here
g). issue 11 is here
h). and there's an interview with Brian Bolland here
i). Ron Tiner talks Powerman here

But today I thought I shine the spotlight on the contribution that Carlos Ezquerra made to issue 11 - so here's Carlos's art from 1975 for you all to enjoy...

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