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9 October 2020

Illustrators quarterly - Bellamy, Jordan & Holdaway books

Book Palace books, the publishers of the Illustrators quarterly magazine, have announced two new books that are sure ot be of interest to all fans of British comics...

First up is a volume dedicated to the art of Frank Bellamy, here's the front cover...

...and the rear cover
As you can see it's written by Norman Boyd - the 'keeper' of the Frank Bellamy website here. Norman tells me he's written 8,000 words for the book and that there'll be some Bellamy images in there that people won't have seen before.

The 2nd book that's coming is a 'double-header' celebrating the art of Jim 'Modesty Blaise' Holdaway and Sydney 'Jeff Hawke' Jordan. Two fantastic artists, this looks like another essential volume. 

Both books look likely to be 144 pages long - with the Bellamy book in full colour; the Holdaway / Jordan book is also described as being in full colour but these are two artists who drew a lot of black & white artwork so let's hope to see some of their colour work too.

Details of the Bellamy books are here and the Jordan / Holdaway book here

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