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21 June 2021

Brian Bolland - Forbidden Planet 2 art

I looked before (here) at the sale of a piece of Brian Bolland's art that he'd done for the Forbidden Planet shop in New York. If you missed out on that piece then, good news, another opportunity to buy a very similar piece has arisen...

You can go here and see this piece for sale...

The sale details are as follows...

Pen & ink advert by Brian Bolland for the Forbidden Planet 2 branch of Forbidden Planet which opened in 1982 with a focus on movies & music. The original advert for Forbidden Planet London also by Brian Bolland was hugely popular and he reprised the "People like us..'' line from the 1st London advert, this one featuring the likes of Blondie, Mick Jagger & Robbie the Robot.

Artwork measures - 10 x 16 inches

The artwork comes from Brian's personal collection. We are taking offers until 27 June.

Best offer over £15,000 Pounds.

Offers are being taken until 8pm UK time (3pm EST) Sunday 27 June 2021.

If a new offer is received within 10 minutes prior to the auction end time we will extend the auction end time by 20 minutes. And again if another offer is received within the final 10 minutes. This will continue until no new offers have been received within 10 minutes of the auction end.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

You can check out all my other mention of Brian's work on the blog here - there have been lots of mentions :)

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