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1 June 2021

Rex Mundi - Brother Matthew

From the days of the early '00s came Rex Mundi almost the only US comic book series that I purchased as it came out.

Wikipedia here reminds me that Rex Mundi was a 38 issue series looking at the search for the Holy Grail as a murder mystery in the 1933 of an alternative history version of Europe (where magic is real and the catholic church is incredibly powerful).

The reason I was into the strip was because a 'teaser' strip (that had previously only run as a webcomic) appeared in the pages of Comics International in 2002.

For collectors of Rex Mundi these are the issues of Comics International you need to look out for...

Issue 145, May 2002, chapters 1-4
Issue 146, June 2002, chapters 5-8
Issue 147, July 2002, chapters 9-12
Issue 148, August 2002, chapters 13-16
Issue 149, September 2002, chapters 17-20
Issue 150, October 2002, chapters 21-24
Issue 151, November 2002, chapters 25-28
Issue 152, December 2002, chapters 29-32
Issue 153, Christmas 2002, chapters 33-38

Brother Matthew debuts and gets the cover!

the final issues appeared in the Christmas 2002 issue of Comics International

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