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2 July 2022

Action baseball cap

I recently spotted the image below on a Facebook group and, never having seen any merchandise associated with the original Action comic, I had to know more...

The answer can be found in issue #4 of Action (cover dated 6th March 1976)...cover below...

...the competition is marketed on the top of that cover and then on page 21 itself you get the competition...
You can see that baseball caps were 4th prize and that there were 300 of them made. I've looked through subsequent editions of Action and can't find an issue that lists the competition winners but it seems safe to assume that Steven Chapman was one of the lucky 300. 

I'm not sure what other Action merchandise there is to collect but if you know of any I'd love to hear about it. Surely there must have been Action t-shirts at least?

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  1. Publisher IPC gave away prizes to readers lucky enough to get their letter/drawing/photo/joke printed in weekly ACTION comic right from issue one.
    The prizes on offer included a model kit fighter plane, model kit tank, a throwing ‘skimmer disc’, £1 postal order… or a T-shirt - the image always shown bore a design of the character Dredger under the ACTION masthead logo.