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19 July 2022

Clearmark - Popular Fairy Tales

I've looked before at comics publisher Clearmark comics...
Were Bears comic is here
The world of Wym comic is here 

A recent spot on ebay is another title from them...Popular Fairy Tales. According to Dennis Gifford's Association of Comic Enthusiasts (ACE) newsletter the title only ran for 6 issue & one holiday special. 

ACE issue 13/8 (issue # 120) for Jan/Feb 1991 records August 16th 1990 as the publication date of issue 6. So there were issues with cover dates of April, May, June, July, August & September.

ACE issue 13/5 (issue #117) for Sep 1990 records July 26th as the publication date for the holiday special.

There's a signature just visible on the bottom left of page 31 - it's that of Gino Gavioli. First time appearance for him on the blog but, according to his Lambiek entry (here) he was a hugely prolific Italian creator who died in only 2016. I suspect that his Hansel & Gretel work had therefore been published in Italy first. I wonder if he contributed to issue 2-6 and the holiday special, the search begins!

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