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9 August 2022

UPDATED: Robin comic spin-off books

Updates are in red

I've looked a little a Robin comic and some of the 'spin-off' books and ephemera published in conjunction with it...

The 2nd birthday book is here
The 3rd birthday book is here
The 4th birthday book is here
Spin-off books are here
Merchandise is here

I've recently discovered some more one-off books from Robin - here's the details of the 3 I've found so far - so let me know if I've missed any...

Richard Lion and the Wishing Fish - by Jessica Dunning, illustrated by Maria Skarbek-Wazynska

Tubby the odd-job engine - by Eileen Gibb, illustrated by Jill Franksen
This small, grainy black & white image (itself taken from a Hulton Press flyer for all sorts of Eagle / Girl / Robin / Swift books & annuals) is the only image I can find for this slim volume 

I've recently acquired some images of the Tubby book- here it is...

For a list of Jill's work just head here and Eileen's work is here

Harriet and Smith - by Jane Gross, illustrated by Paddie Spratley
this is a paperback book, the other twp books are hardback books.

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