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28 August 2022

Harris Tweed - no laughing matter

The latest Compal auction ends today and I'm amazed/happy to see that lot #79 has received (at the time of writing) bids of £820. For that you get...

Harris Tweed - Extra Special Agent original artwork (1960) drawn and signed by John Ryan for The Eagle Vol. 11, No 12 1960 (with original comic) and Harris Tweed/Eagle Jigsaw puzzle complete in [vg] original box. Artwork: Indian ink on board, 16 x 11 ins

So only a half-page of original John Ryan Harris Tweed (plus very rare jigsaw in great condition) for a grand (including buyer's premium) - wow!

Check out the auction here and bids close today (28th August 2022) at 14:39 BST - good luck if you bid!

Boom! Sells for £1,040

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