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28 September 2022

2 day comic auction - Sep22

This auctions starts today - don't forget - good luck if you're bidding on any items!

Anderson & Garland have announced a 2 day comics auction on Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th September. The catalogue is now available to view all the lots right here. There are over 1,000 lots to look at, and many, many highlights. British comics are well represented and there are some fine US lots as well.

I've picked out just a few of the British comics highlights...

Lot 321 here is a run of TV21 comics from issue 1-100 - these look to be in great condition

Lot 322 here has a great run of Ranger comic, issues 1-40

Lots 323-347 are a run of lots focusing on issue 1's. 

Lot 329 (here) has an issue of (Junior) Quizzer amongst it. Check out all my posts on this elusive comic here

Lot 336 (here) has an issue of Bea amongst it. Check out all my posts on this elusive comic here

Lot 754 (here)  has issues 2, 3, 4 & 5 of Viz

Lot 757 (here) is a Dave McKean lot

Lot 760 (here)  is 2000AD #2

Lot 761 (here) is "Burger Wars" episodes of 2000AD

Lot 769 (hereis issues 1&2 of 2000AD

Lots 798-814 are all the original art for various picture libraries. Art is by people like Oliver Frey, Jordi Penalva, Allesandro Biffignandi, Giorgio de Gaspari, Vincente Alcazar, Graham Coton and others. Some examples are shown below...

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  1. All of the artwork is from my collection. Peter Hansen