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16 September 2022

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! updated

Pat Mills has just released details of an update to his book Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!. The 45th anniversary (of 2000AD) edition has been released with an additional chapter. The extra chapter brings us right up to date with Pat and his work for 2000AD. As he says...

Five years have gone by since my original book came out for 2000AD’s 40th Birthday and a whole lot has happened since then: some good, some bad and some ugly. I relate these events in a new introduction and an extended extra final chapter, a total of 8,000 words.

Great! So where can I buy it? Well, bear with me for a quick digression: we planned to release the 45th special as a second edition, keeping the original Kindle and paperback first editions available. We were going to set up a pre-order, offering all our loyal readers a discount before it went on sale. But this wasn't possible for technical reasons, and instead we have to replace the original book with the special edition. We don't know if or when Amazon will 'push' the updated copy to existing customer's Kindle device.

You might also be interested to know that Pat is getting into the NFT game/market (delete as appropriate!), as he says himself...

Moving on to the collectible NFT (non-fungible token) limited edition: we’re going to mint 45 copies of the book as an NFT. Price £120 each (approx. 11.5 Moonriver cryptocurrency) Each book will actually be a 1/1, as it includes a unique, signed AI-generated piece of art, inspired by one of my stories. The NFT edition also has ‘utilities’ (think of them as extra goodies or benefits), for example each NFT edition holder will also be sent a physical, print edition of their book (delivery date to be confirmed) and it will contain the AI artwork as a bookplate, signed by me. This means that each book will be unique. There will be other utilities, too, such as an ‘ask me anything session’, hosted by Readl, the Web3 publishing platform we are using.

The ethics of NFTs in this context we’ve sorted out to our satisfaction and Lisa goes into comprehensively in Tokens of Esteem over on my Iconoblast site.

You can catch up with all things Pat over on his substack right here and follow him on twitter @PatMillsComics for lively discussion.

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