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1 November 2022

Collins boys' annual 1961 - Ian Kennedy

Ages ago (here) friend of the blog Jeremy Briggs wrote about an early Ian Kennedy comic strip character 'Dave Garratt'. The article was published on the incomparable website Down the Tubes and the images highlighting Ian's work can all be seen below...

This is the 1958 Collins boys annual

This is the 1959 Collins boys' annual

This is the 1960 Collins boys' annual

A recent acquisition of the 1961 annual gave me a chance to look and see if Ian had continued his link with this series...The short answer is that he did!

Although uncredited on the contents page Ian contributes art to two stories - firstly "Nick Ross - king of the track" and secondly "Pete Scarlett - Fighter ace". Both strips are 4 pages along and, like int he ear;ier annuals, the frames in each strip are numbered. The first strip has 24 frames and the second has 23 frames. 

For fans of Ian's work it probably won't come as a surprise that Ian's artwork on the 2nd strip (all about WW2 fighter planes) is more assured than his work on the 1st strip. The signed frames from both stories are shown below. The annual is easily available on ebay.

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