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9 November 2022

Dan Dare fan art up for sale - Project Pluto

This auction is happening today - good luck if you're bidding!

An interesting Dan Dare themed lot is up for auction next Thursday in Portsmouth. Full details of the lot can be found here
it says...
An interesting collection of 25 various Dan Dare comic book storyboards together with rough sketches and inks / watercolours by Martin Baines, with correspondence and suggestions, a watercolour of an alien by Greta Tomlinson, signed lower left, Eagle storyboard from 1958 Vol 9 No.28 P18, Dan Dare Project Pluto watercolour and various comics from the 80s in dust jackets etc. (2 boxes)

You'll see that the Greta Tomlinson painting is of a Treen (in the image above), a rare thing indeed! Good luck if you bid. There's also a Storm Nelson board by Richard Jennings (b+w, on the right of the above image) included in the auction lot.

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