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11 January 2023

Spawn - Titan comics

Here's another comics that I know very little about, but I'm hoping this post will help me find someone who can tell me how long this British reprint (by Titan comics) of Spawn lasted. There were at least 4 issues...

Spawn,issue #1, Titan comics, October 1992

Spawn,issue #2, Titan comics, November 1992

Spawn,issue #3, Titan comics, December 1992

Spawn,issue #4, Titan comics, January 1993

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  1. Hi I've got these they were some of the first comics i ever bought from my local newsagents, I don't think they printed many because it didn't sell very well. Much like the battle axe press south African ( which often fetches a high price nowadays) version which only printed up to issue 11 or 12. This does make them rather rare due to their scarcity but as with most UK comics they are often looked down upon by the comic book world. Interestingly the cover for this issue is from issue 8 of the image print and I believe they put more story in to these prints than their American counterparts meaning each book was longer. Check out my