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7 January 2023

UPDATED: 'The wisdom of gnomes'

One of the first comics I ever blogged about (herehere and here) was a title called 'Wanted' - it was published by 'Celebrity' - a publisher about whom I knew very little (then or now!). It would turn out that Celebrity's most successful title would be their Count Duckula comic (which I covered here), but they had at least one other title published. This was The wisdom of gnomes, an (according to wikipedia) animated series made in Spain and was a spin-off from the series 'David the gnome'.

UPDATED information is highlighted in red

The wisdom of the gnomes, Celebrity, issue 1, 28th September 1989 

The wisdom of the gnomes, Celebrity, issue 2, 25th October 1989 
Cover art looks like it is by Mario Capaldi.
24 pages long
Inside you get a single story - Journey to Scotland - which runs to 16 pages - with the rest being a mix of games, puzzles and adverts.
Interior art is unsigned but looks like it could be Capaldi (albeit drawing in quite a simplified style).

The wisdom of the gnomes, Celebrity, issue 3, 8th November 1989

Now the question is - were there any more issues? Surely, no comic series stops after 3 issues? Sadly, I can't find any more but if you know differently do let me know.

The wisdom of the gnomes, Celebrity, issue 4, 22nd November 1989

The wisdom of the gnomes, Celebrity, issue 5, 6th December 1989
no image to hand - can you help?

The wisdom of the gnomes, Celebrity, issue 6, 20th December 1989

UPDATE: I've now found the following references in Denis Gifford's old ACE newsletters...

Newsletter #115 (volume 13, issue 3), June 1990, Wisdom goes monthly from the April 1990 issue

Newsletter #117 (volume 13, issue 5), September 1990, the July 1990 issue of Wisdom is the final issue - issue #17 - and here it is c/o comics fan, and friend of the blog, Michael Carroll

So that's quite a few more issues than I was expecting and means there's plenty more issues to track down.

There were also (at least) 2 annuals produced - both look like they are sporting covers by Mario Capaldi. 

The 1991 annual

Celebrity Publications postal address was Unit 1, H.Q. 3, Hook Rise South, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7NH

Editor is Floron Florenzo
Assistant to editor is Ben Lakofski
Editorial Director is Etta Saunder

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