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21 April 2023

David Roach talks classic romance comics

Just a reminder that this talk is tonight - tickets are still available (at the time of typing)...

Tickets have just gone on sale for a talk at the Cartoon Museum on Friday 21st April with David Roach talking about his latest book, A very British affair. It says here that...

A Very British Affair is a gorgeous book bringing forgotten British romance comics back to life. It’s curated by David Roach, who wrote the Eisner-nominated Masters of British Comics.

A Very British Affair charts the stratospheric rise of romance comics in post-war Britain with a selection of the greatest romance comics ever printed in the UK. Featuring an eclectic mix of artists from Spain, Italy and the UK, this collection unearths the sensual art and emotional writing which delighted generations of comics readers.

Featuring over 50 comics stories - many of which have never been reprinted before - this lavish book is a stunning tribute to the often uncredited creators who crafted an industry of love. Roach shines a spotlight on the Italian and Spanish artists who dominated romance, as well as the genre's forgotten female contributors, like Jenny Butterworth, Pat Tourett and Diane Gabbott plus a wealth of other artists too numerous for the wordcount here!

David's promising to bring along loads of original comic art from these comics as well. Tickets are available here for £10

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