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10 April 2023

Manga Publishing - X-files

Recently I've looked at some of the mid-90s comics published by Manga publishing. To date I've looked at:
Tank Girl - here
Mortal Kombat - here
Mortal Kombat - tournament editionhere

I'm still unclear how many other titles they published but I'll keep looking. They also published an X-files comic (which was subsequently taken over by Titan comics)

X-files comic issues 1-8, Manga publishing, 1995/6

X-files comic issues 9-16, Manga publishing, 1996

X-files comic issues 17-18, Manga publishing, 1996 plus 1x Special collectors edition plus Summer & Winter special editions

X-files comic issues 19-26, Titan comics, 1997

X-files comic issues 27, Titan comics, 1997

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