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16 May 2023

Angela Darling by Gordon Grinstead

I've looked before at the work of Norman Pett (for all examples on the blog just click here) and his creation Jane (click here) and recently spotted this rare book up for sale. I've swiped the images for posterity. 

The seller ( - who often has interesting things for sale) said...

125 pages with risque artwork throughout.

Published by the same company that printed the 'Jane's Journal' books.

This is the rarest Pett book ever; trying to find another is near impossible.

Released 1st January 1949, there was the promise of another volume later in 1949 advertised on the back cover but this was never published.

Story by Gordon Grinstead, a pseudonym for JHG (Don) Freeman (1903 - 1972).

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