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21 May 2023

Super Sunday - the Sunday newspaper for boys and girls (1974)

This was a recent ebay find..."Super Sunday" a short-lived Sunday newspaper for boys and girls (as its masthead proclaims). The British Library catalogues it as having ran for 16 issues in 1974 - from 15th September to 29th December. I've included it on the blog on the basis of the comics strip it ran - 3 whole pages of comics says the front page!

Assuming the same strips were in each issue you had...
"Omily & Opylus - the adventures of two rival families in the wild west" - looks like a (French?) reprint but Google can tell me nothing about this strip. I can't quite make out the name of the name of the creators.

"Ringo". At least two stories "Ghatto's war" and "The good, the mad and the ugly". Again this looks like a French reprint, I can't quite read who the creators are and Google can't help me with the details of the strip. A mystery!

"Kebir - the princess and the diamond" - a reprint of a strip by Suat Yalaz (about whom more details can be found here)

I've had an update from Reddit about 'Super Sunday' from Bufete2020 who says...
I can tell you that Suat Yalaz (Turkish Artist) Link is the artists for both the Ringo (known in Turkey as "Soni Ringo") Link and the Kebir strip. Kebir was/is originally named Karaoglan in Turkey. Link. Not sure about Omily & Opylus

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