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17 May 2023

Sky Dancers - Marvel UK, 1996

Michael Carroll's timeline of Marvel UK comics (here) has an array of interestingly short-lived comics on that I thought I should create cover galleries for them. Here's a title that doesn't seem to be on there though - this may be because it's not actually a comic.

The images I swiped from ebay show puzzles and games but (so far) no actual comics strip content. Anyway, it was definitely published by Marvel UK and was definitely short-lived - further research starts now! 

Sky Dancers, Marvel UK, issue #1, May 1996, £1.75

and, er, that's it so far - the only other reference I can find is this is this interview I did with James Tomlinson back in 2019

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure Michael can speak for himself but it may be that it's not "technically" a comic? From what you show there may not be any comic pages so would just be a kids' magazine?

    I know, I know, definitions get messy. How many pages of comics qualifies something as a comic? And then you have something like Private Eye, which has plenty of comic strips mixed in with text pages, exactly as Comic Cuts and many other early comics once did, but it's not a comic.

    Yeah, THIS is the stuff that keeps me up at night! #PedanticIdiot