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2 December 2023

Eaglecon 80 - part 1

It occurs to me that I've not covered anything to do with the very first Eagle comic convention - Eaglecon 80. A recent sale by ace ebay seller phil-comics (here) of one of the awards from Eaglecon 80 (see below) for £155 has inspired me to start looking images.

So, this is a start, there's plenty more to come I'm sure!

The trophy was presented to Chad Varah. 
This item comprises a lovely wooden base measuring 6 x 6 inches and a felt base. The wood is 3/4 inch thick with an angled slot along one edge. In this sits the 6 x 6 inch perspex / plastic square with the attractive design. The plastic is 1/8 inch thick. Apart from a few light scuff lines the whole item is in very nice shape.

The two badges on the middle row were available at Eaglecon 80.
Recently sold on ebay for £31

Here are 2 photos from Eaglecon 80 clearly showing the 2 badges (above) being warn by attendees...

Sculptor Pip Warwick (left) and Alan Vince (right)

Roger Coombes (centre) and Chad Varah (right)

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