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22 December 2023

Lawless 2023 - the autographs

 For Lawless 2023 I've looked at...

Artists here
Original art here
panels here
Steve Dillon art, part 1 here
Steve Dillon art, part 2 here
Steve Dillon art, part 3 here

Steve Dillon art, part 4 here 
Steve Dillon art, part 5 here

...and now the final part - the autographs!

so, here we go, from top to bottom, left to right I got the following autographs in my convention programme booklet in 2023...

John Wagner & Kev Crossley
Mick McMahon & Dan Cornwell
Laura Howell, D'Israeli, John Higgins, Ian Edgington [with the smile in the signature] & Patrick Goddard
David A Roach
Michael Carroll, Mike Dorey, Lew Stringer, Dave Gibbons, Ben Willsher
Chris Weston & Mike Collins
Frazer Irving, Glenn Fabry, Lee Carter
Colin Maxwell, Rob Williams, Henry Flint, Andy Diggle


  1. The one with the smile is Ian Edginton

  2. The smiley face sig is Ian Edginton. John Higgins' is sandwiched between D'Israeli and David Roach. And yes, that is Rob Williams, who seems to compete with Andy Diggle for the most abstruse signature.

  3. You are correct, that is Rob Williams signature near the bottom of the page. The one you don’t recognise belongs to Ian Edginton