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13 February 2024

UPDATED: Fleetway Editions limited., 1992 structure

An interesting page from the October 1992 SSI journal (as featured on the blog yesterday) is this diagram of the then current structure of Fleetway Editions limited.

Interesting points to note...
Group One contains "Law in Order" - which is actually better known as "The complete Judge Dredd comic" (the title logo said Law in Order)

Group Two contains Greenbug comic - which I looked at here and here

Group Two contains Young Indiana Jones - but I'm not aware of London Editions publishing a Young Indiana Jones title??? It could have been a reprint of material published contemporaneously by Dark Horse??

What was project "Odyssey"??
What was project "Oh No!!"??

UPDATE: I got some very useful feedback on the above two projects so I'm recording those Facebook comments here for posterity...thanks to all who contributed...


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