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4 February 2024

UPDATED: Jet Morgan playsuit

Somewhere I have a photo of this actual playsuit - from maybe the Museum of childhood in Bethnal Green (now known as Young V&A) - I can't find it right now. Anyway, it's a welcome debut on the blog for Jet Morgan (star of Journey into Space) and his playsuit - images swiped from the catalogue below (recently for sale on ebay)...

Updated now with some more images of playsuit JM1 (as the catalogue refers to it as)

Updated now with some more images of playsuit JM2 (as the catalogue refers to it as)

I'm sure there was a Dan Dare spacesuit which looked just like that but, frustratingly, I can't find an image. There was this Dan Dare spacesuit..

Anyway, good luck adding this playsuit to your Jet Morgan collection.

Update: Here’s a picture of the actual suit, via Aphadrome. the site notes indicate the fabric playsuit comprises a silver grey jacket with a red chest panel with Space Pilot graphic and includes trousers, red gloves and a fabric helmet with red trim and a vinyl visor. 

There was a generic box for a range of outfits, but the box indicates that this is a "Jet Morgan" space suit, though the example shown is marked Space Pilot.

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