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4 March 2020

Goodwood revival - 2006 programme

Following on from my recent post (here) about the Goodoowd revival programme for 2014 come another issue of the prgramme that's well worth looking out for - this time from 2006...

As you can see from the cover it's a very space-age cover with a rocketship that, when I first saw it, made me wonder if it was drawn by Don Harley or Dave Gibbons. In fact it's by Jon Haward, producing arguably his finest Dan Dare work on a, er, non-Dan Dare strip!

I've previously look at example of Jon's work here here here here and here

His work continues inside with 6 pages of art (all signed) - 3 examples below - all with clear Dan Dare influences - especially the 3rd picture with Jon's vision of Dan, Dig, Jocelyn and Flamer on holiday together! 

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