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2 March 2020

Goodwood revival - 2014 programme

On page 136+7 of the recently published 'Art of Ian Kennedy' book there is a (better quality!) image that looks like this with a caption that says...

Specially commissioned as a supplement for the 2014 Goodwood Revival event, the short story complemented the celebration of the 70-year anniversary of Operation Overlord, and 75 years since Westhampnett Farm was turned into an RAF base 

...further googling revealed this link to the blog of comic artist Keith Page and the note that Keith had produced an 8 page strip

For anyone seeking out a copy of the programme the front cover (partially obscured here) looks like this...

...but really like this...

...and the back cover looks like this...

As you can see a really well-designed item - the Commando is an insert in the programme - so probably worth checking that it's still there if browsing on ebay for copies of the programme.

It's a 12 pages long in total, including a 8-page long story, which is described thus...
In 1940 Goodwood House was a military hospital. Nurse Betty Allard enjoyed helping the patients in her care - but there was one cold-mannered stranger who never spoke a word and disappeared each night...was he a threat to the security of the nearby aircraft base, RAF Westhampnett? Betty was determined to solve the mystery!

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