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29 March 2020

Moebius - Titan Books reprints (part 2)

Continuing from my previous post (here) concerning Moebius's work being reprinted by Titan in the late 1980s - you get a lot of (just great) comics for your money in these volumes as they're pretty long, but they do seem pretty hard to get hold of, and pretty costly even when you do find them. 

I picked up 4 of the 5 volumes in this set in a comic shop in France a couple of Summer's back, I've read volume 1 (and it was just fantastic) but I'm missing volume 4 - the search continues!

Blueberry volume 1 - Chihuahua pearl (Titan books reprint volume) - published September 1989

Blueberry volume 2 - Ballad for a coffin (Titan books reprint volume) - published November 1989

Blueberry volume 3 - Angel face (Titan books reprint volume) - published January 1990

Blueberry volume 4 - The ghost tribe (Titan books reprint volume)

Blueberry volume 5 - The end of the trail (Titan books reprint volume) - published May 1990

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