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3 April 2021

Catawiki auction - original British comic art up for auction

The latest Catawiki auction is open for bids - as ever I've checked for original British comic art highlights - so here we go...

This is a Don Lawrence Karl the Viking page from Lion dated 10/11/62. To me it looks like a page from the printed comic rather than original art but there you go.

Here is a page from Your chum Yum Yum by Jean Sidobre from Princess Tina 

This is a Robot Archie page by Edward Kearon from a 1967 issue of Lion 

Another piece by Jean Sidobre from Princess Tina

This is an amazing Ron Embleton piece from Look and Learn #569 (dated 09/12/72)

This is a Modesty Blaise piece by Jim Holdaway - strip #1993

Two pages from Look and Learn by Alfonso Font - never offered for sale before


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