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1 April 2021

Latest Catawiki auction - British comic art up for grabs

These end tonight - don't miss out!

Here are all original British comic art from the latest Catawiki auction - ends Thursday so don't delay...

This page of 'Robot Archie' (from Lion) by Edward Kearon

This is 'My chum Yum-Yum' from the pages of Princess Tina by Jean Sidobre

This 'Axa' piece by Romero

 This 'Paddy Payne' page by Joe Colquhoun

This other 'Paddy Payne' page by Joe Colquhoun from Lion

This 'Steel Claw' page by Jesus Blasco from Valiant 

This other Ted Kearon 'Robot Archie' page from Lion (1963, 'El Dorado' strip)

This Modesty Blaise by Romero

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