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6 April 2021

UPDATED: Cartoon Aid

I've looked before at publications associated with the Cartoon Aid charity (like Band Aid but with more cartoons and less Bob Geldof) - if you missed them they are as follows...
a). the Olympic book is here
b). Bryan Hitch's work in the Kidz book is here
c). Mike Collin's work in the Kidz book is here
d). Terry & Sheila Bave's work in the Kidz book is here
e). Simon Donald's work in the Kidz book is here
f). Cartoon Aid auction at Sotheby's & a festival in Margate is here
g). Waddington's jigsaw (from the Margate festival is here)
h). Scare Bears monster party book is here
i). Cartoon Aid big book is here

As a follow-up to my last post on the Cartoon Aid book I've noticed some other interesting snippets...

Turns out that as well as this 'regular' edition...

...there was also the opportunity to get the book in this 'wallet' as well! This has just sold on ebay

..but this item here is still available (albeit for £255!) - it caught my eye for two reasons:
a). the price
b). the reason for the price - which it turns out where the sketches inside the book which (according to the item description)

A rare chance to find a copy signed by various artists (see below) on press day. 

Inscribed to (and drawn) for Sarah (a BBC assistant attached to the event for the day) by some of the artists. 

The artists that have drawn in the book have been confirmed as:
  Jim Naylor - known as 'quick on the draw' Jim Naylor
  John Burns (Jane - The Mirror strip)
  Steve Chadburn
  Colin Wyatt (care bear / Disney artist)
  Ken Howells 

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